All Lone Peak Camper frames come with a Lifetime Warranty (2 yrs for tents and accessories) against manufacturers defects for the original owner. Our tents are bolted on with stainless steel grommets and are easily replaceable if necessary as they are typically a wear item.

Approved warranty claims will be handled directly through Lone Peak Overland and provided at no cost. For minor repairs, replacement parts will be shipped to the customer with detailed instructions on how to perform the repair (latches, hinges, etc). For major repairs, we will perform the repair at Lone Peak HQ (repairing doors, windows, or wiring). Please note we are not able to reimburse for travel costs. 

Warranty claims that are deemed inproper use or damage will be provided a quote for repair work.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to team@lonepeakoverland.com if you have any questions or issues with your camper.