Lone Peak Camper
Lone Peak Camper
Lone Peak Camper
Lone Peak Camper
Lone Peak Camper
Lone Peak Camper
Lone Peak Camper
Lone Peak Camper
Lone Peak Camper

Lone Peak Camper

Regular price$5,995.00
Reserve now, installs in December (estimated)
  • Lifetime Warranty (2yr on tent)
  • Built in Wenatchee, WA
  • Ships to your door or you can pickup in WA
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The Lone Peak Camper combines the security of a lockable waterproof topper and the living space of a rooftop tent so you can have more comfort and confidence in the wilderness.  Locking Side Access Doors, Open Air tent windows, and a 4”x80” mattress come standard. 

Each camper is custom made to fit your truck bed and includes bed gaskets and a fit kit to mount to your vehicle. 

With 32" of pass-through space you can stand up in your camper even with the bed deployed. When you need more room, the bed pushes out of the way using dual gas struts so you can utilize your full truck bed out of the elements. The Rear Rain Guard increases the interior volume of the tent giving you more elbow room and sheds water so you can unzip the rear door even in bad weather. Take all of your adventures to the next level with a Lone Peak Camper on your truck.

Weight ~375lbs.

Length - 10ft. Overhang varies based on your bed length.

Height - 8". Normal height above cab is 2".

Mattress size - 4"x80". Width is ~54" on full size trucks and ~50" on mid size.

Bed weight limit - 600 lb. Bed platform is made of aluminum honeycomb.

Construction - Aluminum extrusions, aluminum composite panels, and stainless steel hardware.

Tent is made of a polyester canvas with a 5000mm rated PU coating.

Load Bar Capacity - 80lbs with roof open. 120lbs dynamic.

Choose from free installation in Wenatchee, WA or shipping to a certified installer or to your door. Self install takes about 2 hours (find some buddies to help lift it on your rig)

Q: Can I use a drop in bed liner with this?

A: No. The camper uses the bed rails to mount to and a drop in bed liner would get in the way.

Q: Can I install this camper with a "sharkfin" receiver on my roof?

A: Yes, our Dust Killer Vent allows our camper to mount to trucks with a shark fin while still keeping a low profile.

Q: What if I have a roof rack? Will this hit it?

A: Our standard clearance is 2" above the cab of your truck. If you have a roof rack you will need to add the "Tall Version" to your order. (For Toyota Tacoma only)

Q: What if I'm super tall? Will I fit?

A: Our mattress is 80" long which should fit even the super tall. The main issue is making sure your feet have clearance and don't hit the roof. Don't worry you can move the bed platform away from the hinge to make room for your feet.

Don't see your truck on our list? Request your truck here.

Turn your truck bed into a camper

Without getting in the way of the everyday use of your truck.

Lockable Waterproof Storage

Keep your valuables secure and dry
Fully weather sealed

The side access doors are double gasketed on the sides to protect from water and use another gasket on the bottom to protect from dust.

60 second setup

Spend your time enjoying camp, not setting up
32" Pass through space

Stand up in your truck bed with the bed deployed and still have room to prep food or gear.

Push away bed

When you want more space simply push the bed out of the way to make use of your entire truck bed
Comfy comes standard

Our standard mattress is 4" thick x 80" long. You can leave light bedding on it and still close the roof.

The mattress platform adjusts to move away from the hinge if you need more room for your feet (stock position allows for up to 6'2" height to sleep comfortably.)

Open Air Windows

No extra cost. Unzips from both sides
Huge Interior Volume

The Rear Rain Guard creates a massive living space (2x the volume of a normal wedge) and sheds water even with the door open.

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